Guru (2. Fassung)



  • concerto for guitar and ensemble
    solo guitar
    flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute)
    percussion (1 player – guiro, afuché, maracas, bongos, small tamtam)
    clarinet (A)
    2nd guitar
  • duration c. 24 min.
  • world premiere on 21 September 2003 in Schweinfurt by Hubert Steiner as soloist and conducted by Joachim F.W. Schneider
  • 1st Prize in the International Composing Competition Schweinfurt 2003
  • published by:
    Theophilius Productions
  • PDF (page 19)

Guru2.Fassung (...) In Guru Schneider sets the instruments (...) confidently (...) Using a vocabulary of interwoven crescendi, glissandi, noises, scales, arpeggios and whispering, he creates surrounding sounds of great hypnotical impact (...)

Matias Wiedemann
(MAINPOST, 23 September 2003)